When fine ingredients are cooked with passion, high aesthetic criteria and pioneering expertise, the end result is the high gastronomy offered by Dipnosofistirion Catering.
Our accomplished chef Jean Louis Capsalas creates an inspiring cuisine of the highest standards, while the renowned chef pâtissier Dionisis Alertas takes your guests’ senses in a journey to the world of unique sweet flavors.
The corner-stone moments of your life are signed by Dipnosofistirion Catering through a personalized concept that excites your guests.

Dipnosofistirion Catering maintains a Quality Management System that meets the requirements of EN ISO 22000:2005, has a HACCP plan implemented and has also been certified to the "Gold Class" organic kitchen (Bio Kouzina Gold), according to the Bio Kouzina BIO Hellas.

The excellent presence of Dipnosofistirion Catering in gastronomy emerges also through its exclusive collaboration with the Benaki Museum and Goulandris Natural History Museum, through the running of their café-restaurants.
For more info on Dipnosofistirion Catering services please visit www.dipnosofistirion.gr.